We founded the Bipartisan Policy Center with the leadership of Tom Daschle, and Bob Dole, George Mitchell and Howard Baker. Those four names give me a deep sense of pride and confidence in the strength of our democracy. Because from the beginning, BPC has been animated by a few core ideas: That America’s inspiration flows from our nation’s unparalleled political and cultural diversity. That our nation’s political stability and resilience depend on engaging and dignifying our differences. And finally, that politics, like all productive human interaction, is about the integrity of ideas, personal connection, and trust.


The following pages recap what was a special and momentous night. Thank you for your support over the last ten years. I want to thank our founders, our board of directors, our project leaders, our truly fabulous staff, loyal funders, and everyone else in the BPC family. I want to ask you to join us in redoubling our commitment to the hard, uncertain, and uncomfortable work of American democracy. BPC is committed to helping this Congress, this administration, and this country succeed, and we surely need your help.

On March 1, 2017 the Bipartisan Policy Center celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. The room was filled with more than 1,000 partisans gathered to celebrate ten years of productive partisanship.

BPC Presented the Inaugural Legislative Action Award

The Legislative Action Award recognizes lawmakers helping breathe new life into a partisan legislative process.

The 2017 honorees were Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX), and Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ).

My view is the way we can try to bridge the polarized partisan divide that we all see around us is with small victories, small success, modest progress. Success has a way of breeding success.
( I ) challenge the audience... to be hopeful and optimistic about the opportunities we have for defending democracy, for showing our values, and for finding ways to work together.
It’s great to be able to accept this award, (and) I want to say thank you for this honor but also thank you for ten years of really exceptional work.
We can articulate our own opinions and beliefs without believing or saying that someone else’s beliefs are wrong. We can embrace difference while seeking common ground.

The 2017 Congressional Patriot Award

The Congressional Patriot Award was awarded to former Vice President Joe Biden.

The award recognizes leaders who demonstrate political courage and exceptional leadership throughout their careers, even in the most partisan of times.

We all have bipartisan responsibilities to this nation to defend principles that have long made America the beacon of hope.

- Former Vice President
Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s unrivaled authenticity and political courage has helped lead our nation through tumultuous times. BPC honors his example and expresses deep gratitude for his distinguished service.

- BPC President
Jason Grumet

We can be Democrats and Republicans and Independents... but most Americans are patriots, and we've had a patriot serving as vice president for eight years.

- BPC Co-Founder
Bob Dole

BPC established the Congressional Patriot Award to recognize leaders who while they are partisans as Democrats or Republicans, (they) are wise enough to always put Americans first.

- BPC Co-Founder
George Mitchell

BPC's 10th Anniversary Celebration

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