Where Does Congress Stand on the Iran Deal?

Following a 60-day review period, Congress weighed in on a joint resolution either approving or disapproving the final deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

Where Does Congress Stand on the Iran Deal?

Following a 60-day review period, Congress weighed in on a joint resolution and approved the final deal on Iran’s nuclear program. BPC’s Iran Tracker kept tabs on the stance of every member of the House and Senate. BPC also broke down the finer points of the complex processes and procedures that govern a major decision like this one.


If Congress votes to disapprove, and a presidential veto follows, Congress will have to hold another vote on whether to override the veto, which requires two-thirds majority in both chambers.

The following are the key numbers to watch for when Congress votes:

First round218 votes required in the House to pass a resolution of disapproval (or approval); 60 votes required in the Senate to overcome a procedural hurdle before voting on the actual resolution, which would then require 51 votes to pass.

Second round: If Congress passes a resolution of disapproval, it will go to President Obama who has said he will veto it.

Third round: Congress will then have 10 days to hold a vote to override President Obama’s veto. A congressional veto override requires 290 House votes and 67 Senate votes.​ Which means the president would need 146 House votes or 34 Senate votes to sustain his veto and allow for approval of the deal, assuming all members vote.

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Senate MemberStatePartySupportOpposeUndeclaredSource
Lamar AlexanderTNRXPress Release
Kelly AyotteNHRXPress Release
Tammy BaldwinWIDXPress Release
John BarrassoWYRXPress Release
Michael BennetCODXThe Hill
Richard BlumenthalCTDXPress Release
Roy BluntMORXPress Release
Cory BookerNJDXMedium
John BoozmanARRXPress Release
Barbara BoxerCADXPress Release
Sherrod BrownOHDXPress Release
Richard BurrNCRXPress Release
Maria CantwellWADXPress Release
Shelley CapitoWVRXPress Release
Thomas CarperDEDXOp-Ed
Robert Casey Jr.PADXThe New York Times
Bill CassidyLARXPress Release
Daniel CoatsINRXPress Release
Thad CochranMSRXPress Release
Susan CollinsMERXPress Release
Christopher CoonsDEDXPress Release
Bob CorkerTNRXOp-Ed
John CornynTXRXPress Release
Tom CottonARRXPress Release
Mike CrapoIDRXKIVI Idaho
Ted CruzTXRXPress Release
Steve DainesMTRXPress Release
Joe DonnellyINDXPress Release
Richard DurbinILDXThe Hill
Michael EnziWYRXPress Release
Joni ErnstIARXFloor Speech
Dianne FeinsteinCADXPress Release
Jeff FlakeAZRXPress Release
Al FrankenMNDXOp-Ed
Cory GardnerCORXThe Washington Post
Kirsten GillibrandNYDX Press Release
Lindsey GrahamSCRXPress Release
Chuck GrassleyIARXPress Release
Orrin HatchUTRXPress Release
Martin HeinrichNMDXFloor Speech
Heidi HeitkampNDDXPress Release
Dean HellerNVRXLas Vegas Review-Journal
Mazie HironoHIDXPress Release
John HoevenNDRXGrand Forks Herald
James InhofeOKRXPress Release
Johnny IsaksonGARXPress Release
Ron JohnsonWIRXWisconsin Radio Network
Tim KaineVADXPress Release
Angus King Jr.MEIXPress Release
Mark KirkILRXPress Release
Amy KlobucharMNDXPress Release
James LankfordOKRXFloor Speech
Patrick LeahyVTDXFloor Speech
Mike LeeUTRXOp-Ed
Joe Manchin IIIWVDXPress Release
Edward MarkeyMADXThe Boston Globe
John McCainAZRXThe Republic
Mitch McConnellKYRXThe Huffington Post
Robert MenendezNJDXPress Release
Jeff MerkleyORDXPress Release
Barbara MikulskiMDDXAP
Jerry MoranKSRXThe Topeka Capital-Journal
Lisa MurkowskiAKRXPress Release
Christopher MurphyCTDXPress Release
Patty MurrayWADXPress Release
Bill NelsonFLDXThe Hill
Rand PaulKYRXStatement on Facebook
David PerdueGARXPress Release
Gary PetersMIDXPress Release
Rob PortmanOHRXPress Release
Jack ReedRIDXPress Release
Harry ReidNVDXPress Release
James RischIDRXPress Release
Pat RobertsKSRXPress Release
Mike RoundsSDRXOp-Ed
Marco RubioFLRXPress Release
Bernard SandersVTIXPress Release
Ben SasseNERXPress Release
Brian SchatzHIDXPress Release
Charles SchumerNYDXPress Release
Tim ScottSCRXPress Release
Jeff SessionsALRXThe Washington Post
Jeanne ShaheenNHDXPress Release
Richard ShelbyALRXYellowhammer News
Debbie StabenowMIDXPress Release
Daniel SullivanAKRXPress Release
Jon TesterMTDXPress Release
John ThuneSDRXPress Release
Thom TillisNCRXFloor Speech
Patrick ToomeyPARXOp-Ed
Tom UdallNMDXFloor Speech
David VitterLARXPress Release
Mark WarnerVADXPress Release
Elizabeth WarrenMADXThe Boston Globe
Sheldon WhitehouseRIDXPress Release
Roger WickerMSRXWAPT News Jackson
Ron WydenORDXMedium
House MemberStatePartySupportOpposeUndeclaredSource
Ralph AbrahamLARXPress Release
Alma AdamsNCDXPress Release
Robert AderholtALRXYellowhammer News
Pete AguilarCADXPress Release
Rick AllenGARXWJBF News
Justin AmashMIRXReason
Mark AmodeiNVRXElko Daily Free Press
Brad AshfordNEDXPress Release
Brian BabinTXRXThe Texas Tribune
Lou BarlettaPARXPress Release
Andy BarrKYRXFloor Speech
Joe BartonTXRXThe Texas Tribune
Karen BassCADXPress Release
Joyce BeattyOHDXHouse Vote
Xavier BecerraCADXPress Release
Dan BenishekMIRXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Ami BeraALDXHouse Vote
Don BeyerVADXPress Release
Gus M. BilirakisFLRXPress Release
Mike BishopMIRXPress Release
Rob BishopUTRXPress Release
Sanford D. Bishop, Jr.GADXPress Release
Diane BlackTNRXPress Release
Marsha BlackburnTNRXPress Release
Rod BlumIARXPress Release
Earl BlumenauerORDXPress Release
John A. BoehnerOHRXThe Huffington Post
Suzanne BonamiciORDXPress Release
Mike BostILRXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Charles W. Boustany, Jr.LARXPress Release
Brendan BoylePADXPhilly.com
Kevin BradyTXRXPress Release
Robert BradyPADXHouse Vote
Dave BratVARXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Jim BridenstineOKRXPress Release
Mo BrooksALRXPress Release
Susan W. BrooksINRXPress Release
Corrine BrownFLDXTampa Bay Times
Julia BrownleyCADXOp-Ed
Vern BuchananFLRXYouTube
Ken BuckCORXYouTube
Larry BucshonINRXPress Release
Michael BurgessTXRXPress Release
Cheri BustosILDXQuad City Times
G.K. ButterfieldNCDXPress Release
Bradley ByrneALRXPress Release
Ken CalvertCARXTwitter
Lois CappsCADXThe Hill
Michael E. CapuanoMADXThe Hill
Tony CardenasCADXHouse Vote
John CarneyDEDXPress Release
Andre CarsonINDXThe Hill
Buddy CarterGARXHouse Vote
John CarterTXRXPress Release
Matthew CartwrightPADXPress Release
Kathy CastorFLDXPress Release
Joaquin CastroTXDXHouse Vote
Steve ChabotOHRXBlog Post
Jason ChaffetzUTRXThe Salt Lake Tribune
Judy ChuCADXPress Release
David CicillineRIDXPress Release
Katherine ClarkMADXThe Hill
Yvette D. ClarkeNYDXPress Release
Curt ClawsonFLRXOp-Ed
William "Lacy" Clay, Jr.MODXPress Release
Emanuel CleaverMODXThe Kansas City Star
James E. ClyburnSCDXThe Hill
Mike CoffmanCORXHouse Vote
Steve CohenTNDXThe Hill
Tom ColeOKRXHouse Vote
Chris CollinsNYRXPress Release
Doug CollinsGARXPress Release
Barbara ComstockVARXPress Release
Michael K. ConawayTXRXPress Release
Gerald E. "Gerry" ConnollyVADXThe Hill
John Conyers, Jr.MIDXPress Release
Paul CookCARXPress Release
Jim CooperTNDXHouse Vote
Jim CostaCADXPress Release
Ryan CostelloPARXHouse Vote
Joe CourtneyCTDXPress Release
Kevin CramerNDRXHouse Vote
Rick CrawfordARRXTalk Business
Ander CrenshawFLRXPress Release
Joseph CrowleyNYDXPress Release
Henry CuellarTXDXHouse Vote
John CulbersonTXRXNewsletter
Elijah CummingsMDDXPress Release
Carlos CurbeloFLRXPress Release
Danny K. DavisILDXThe Hill
Rodney DavisILRXHouse Vote
Susan DavisCADXThe San Diego Union-Tribune
Peter DeFazioORDXPress Release
Diana DeGetteCODXPress Release
John DelaneyMDDXHouse Vote
Rosa L. DelauroCTDXPress Release
Suzan DelBeneWADXPress Release
Jeff DenhamCARXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Charles W. DentPARXPress Release
Ron DeSantisFLRXPress Release
Mark DeSaulnierCADXPress Release
Scott DesJarlaisTNRXPress Release
Ted DeutchFLDXThe Sun Sentinel
Mario Diaz-BalartFLRXPress Release
Debbie DingellMIDXPress Release
Bob DoldILRXThe Chicago Tribune
Daniel DonovanNYRXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Mike DoylePADXPress Release
Tammy DuckworthILDXPress Release
Sean P. DuffyWIRXHouse Vote
Jeff DuncanSCRXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
John J. Duncan, Jr.TNRXKnoxville News Sentinel
Donna F. EdwardsMDDXThe Baltimore Sun
Keith EllisonMNDXYahoo
Rennee EllmersNCRXPress Release
Tom EmmerMNRXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Eliot EngelNYDXThe Hill
Anna G. EshooCADXPress Release
Elizabeth EstyCTDXPress Release
Blake FarentholdTXRXPress Release
Sam FarrCADXU.S. News & World Report
Chaka FattahPADXPress Release
Stephen FincherTNRXPress Release
Michael G. FitzpatrickPARXHouse Vote
Chuck FleischmannTNRXHouse Vote
John FlemingLARXPress Release
Bill FloresTXRXThe Texas Tribune
J. Randy ForbesVARXOp-Ed
Jeff FortenberryNERXPress Release
Bill FosterILDXPress Release
Virigina FoxxNCRXHouse Vote
Lois FrankelFLDXPress Release
Trent FranksAZRXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Rodney FrelinghuysenNJRXPress Release
Marcia L. FudgeOHDXPress Release
Tulsi GabbardHIDXHouse Vote
Ruben GallegoAZDXPress Release
John GaramendiCADXPress Release
Scott GarrettNJRXPress Release
Bob GibbsOHRXPress Release
Chris GibsonNYRXWoodstock Times
Louie GohmertTXRXPress Release
Bob GoodlatteVARXBlog Post
Paul A. GosarAZRXPress Release
Trey GowdySCRXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Gwen GrahamFLDXTampa Bay Times
Kay GrangerTXRXFacebook
Garret GravesLARXPress Release
Sam GravesMORXPress Release
Tom GravesGARXPress Release
Alan GraysonFLDXTwitter
Al GreenTXDXPress Release
Gene GreenTXDXPress Release
Morgan GriffithVARXPress Release
Raul GrijalvaAZDXTucson Weekly
Glenn GrothmanWIRXPress Release
Frank GuintaNHRXPress Release
Brett S. GuthrieKYRXFacebook
Luis GutierrezILDXPress Release
Janice HahnCADXPress Release
Richard HannaNYRXHouse Vote
Cresent HardyNVRXPress Release
Gregg HarperMSRXPress Release
Andy HarrisMDRXPress Release
Vicky HartzlerMSRXPress Release
Alcee L. HastingsFLDXThe Hill
Denny HeckWADXThe Hill
Joe HeckNVRXPress Release
Jeb HensarlingTXRXPress Release
Jaime Herra BuetlerWARXKING 5
Jody HiceGARXPress Release
Brian HigginsNYDXPress Release
French HillARRXThe Baxter Bulletin
Jim HimesCTDXThe Hill
Ruben HinojosaTXDXThe Hill
George HoldingNCRXNewsletter
Mike HondaCADX
Steny H. HoyerMDDXPress Release
Richard HudsonNCRXPress Release
Tim HuelskampKSRXHouse Vote
Jared HuffmanCADXPress Release
Buill HuizengaMIRXPress Release
Randy HultgrenILRXPress Release
Duncan D. HunterCARXRealClearPolitics
Will HurdTXRXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Robert HurtVARXPress Release
Steve IsraelNYDXThe Hill
Darrell IssaCARXPress Release
Sheila Jackson LeeTXDXHouston Chronicle
Hakeem JeffriesNYDXMedium
Evan JenkinsWVRXPress Release
Lynn JenkinsKSRXPress Release
Bill JohnsonOHRXPress Release
Eddie Bernice JohnsonTXDXThe Hill
Henry C. "Hank" Johnson, Jr.GADXPress Release
Sam JohnsonTXRXPress Release
David JollyFLRXThe Sun-Sentinel
Walter B. JonesNCRXHouse Vote
Jim JordanOHRXPress Release
David JoyceOHRXPress Release
Marcy KapturOHDXHouse Vote
John KatkoNYRXPress Release
William KeatingMADXThe Patriot Ledger
Mike KellyPARXPress Release
Robin KellyILDXPress Release
Trent KellyMSRXDeSoto Times-Tribune
Joseph P. Kennedy IIIMADXPress Release
Daniel KildeeMIDXThe Hill
Derek KilmerWADXPress Release
Ron KindWIDXWisconsin Radio Network
Pete KingNYRXNewsmax
Steve KingIARXPress Release
Adam KinzingerILRXPress Release
Ann KirpatrickAZDXHouse Vote
John KlineMNRXPress Release
Steve KnightCARXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Ann KusterNHDXPress Release
Raul R. LabradorIDRXPress Release
Doug LaMalfaCARXPress Release
Doug LambornCORXPress Release
Leonard LanceNJRXPress Release
Jim LangevinRIDXPress Release
Rick LarsenWADXPress Release
John B. LarsonCTDXThe Hill
Robert E. LattaOHRXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Brenda LawrenceMIDXPress Release
Barbara LeeCADXThe Hill
Sander LevinMIDXThe Hill
John LewisGADXThe Hill
Ted LieuCADXStatement
Daniel LipinskiILDXHouse Vote
Frank LoBiondoNJRXPress Release
David LoebsackIADXPress Release
Zoe LofgrenCADXThe Hill
Billy LongMORXPress Release
Barry LoudermilkGARXPress Release
Mia LoveUTRXPress Release
Alan LowenthalCADXPress Release
Nita LoweyNYDXThe Hill
Frank LucasOKRXPress Release
Blaine LuetkemeyerMORXPress Release
Ben R. LujanNMDXPress Release
Michelle Lujan GrishamNMDXAlbuquerque Journal
Cynthia M. LummisWYRXHouse Vote
Stephen F. LynchMADXThe Hill
Carolyn MaloneyNYDXPress Release
Sean Patrick
NYDXHouse Vote
Kenny MarchantTXRXPress Release
Tom MarinoPARXPress Release
Thomas MassieKYRXHouse Vote
Doris O. MatsuiCADXThe Hill
Kevin McCarthyCARXThe Washington Post
Michael T. McCaulTXRXPress Release
Tom McClintockCARXPress Release
Betty McCollumMNDXThe Hill
Jim McDermottWADXPress Release
James McGovernMADXThe Hill
Patrick T. McHenryNCRXPress Release
David McKinleyWVRXPress Release
Cathy McMorris
WARXPress Release
Jerry McNerneyCADXThe Hill
Martha McSallyAZRXPress Release
Mark MeadowsNCRXPress Release
Pat MeehanPARXPress Release
Gregory W. MeeksNYDXPress Release
Grace MengNYDXThe Hill
Luke MesserINRXPress Release
John MicaFLRXHouse Vote
Candice MillerMIRXPress Release
Jeff MillerFLRXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
John MoolennaarMIRXPress Release
Alex MooneyWVRXPress Release
Seth MoultonMADXThe Hill
Markwayne MullinOKRXBlog Post
Mick MulvaneySCRXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Partick MurphyFLDXPress Release
Tim MurphyPARXBlog Post
Jerrold NadlerNYDXPress Release
Grace NapolitanoCADXHouse Vote
Richard E. NealMADXHouse Vote
Randy NeugebauerTXRXPress Release
Dan NewhouseWARXHouse Vote
Kristi NoemSDRXBlog Post
Rick NolanMNDXDuluth News Tribune
Donald NorcrossNJDXThe Hill
Richard NugentFLRXHouse Vote
Devin NunesCARXPress Release
Beto O'RourkeTXDXThe El Paso Times
Pete OlsonTXRXPress Release
Steven PalazzoMSRXFacebook
Frank Pallone, Jr.NJDXPress Release
Gary PalmerALRXThe Alabama Political Reporter
Bill Pascrell, Jr.NJDXPress Release
Erik PaulsenMNRXPress Release
Donald Payne, Jr.NJDXPress Release
Steve PearceNMRXPress Release
Nancy PelosiCADXThe Hill
Ed PerlmutterCODXPress Release
Scott PerryPARXNewsmax
Scott PetersCADXPress Release
Collin C. PetersonMNDXHouse Vote
Chellie PingreeMEDXPress Release
Robert PittengerNCRXBlog Post
Joseph R. PittsPARXHouse Vote
Mark PocanWIDXThe Hill
Ted PoeTXRXPress Release
Bruce PoliquinMERXFacebook
Jared PolisCODXPress Release
Mike PompeoKSRXPress Release
Bill PoseyFLRXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
David PriceNCDXThe Hill
Tom PriceGARXYouTube
Mike QuigleyILDXPress Release
Charles B. RangelNYDXHouse Vote
John RatcliffeTXRXPress Release
Tom ReedNYRXPress Release
David G. ReichertWARXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Jim RenacciOHRXHouse Vote
Reid RibbleWIRXPress Release
Kathleen RiceNYDXNewsday
Tom RiceSCRXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Cedric RichmondLADXThe Times -Picayune
Scott RigellVARXPress Release
Martha RobyALRXPress Release
Phil RoeTNRXPress Release
Harold RogersKYRXHouse Vote
Mike RogersALRXPress Release
Dana RohrabacherCARXPatch
Todd RokitaINRXPress Release
Tom RooneyFLRXPerss Release
Ileana Ros-LehtinenFLRXNewsmax
Peter J. RoskamILRXPress Release
Dennis RossFLRXThe Washington Post
Keith RothfusPARXThe Jewish Chronicle
David RouzerNCRXPress Release
Lucille Roybal-AllardCADXPress Release
Ed RoyceCARXForeign Affairs
Raul RuizCADXOp-Ed
C. A. Dutch RuppersbergerMDDXThe Baltimore Sun
Bobby L. RushILDXPress Release
Steve RussellOKRXThe Oklahoman
Paul RyanWIRXStatement
Tim RyanOHDXPress Release
Matt SalmonAZRXPress Release
Linda SanchezCADXPress Release
Loretta SanchezCADXHouse Vote
Mark SanfordSCRXPress Release
John P. SarbanesMDDXPress Release
Steve ScaliseLARXPress Release
Jan SchakowskyILDXPress Release
Adam SchiffCADXNPR
Kurt SchraderORDXPress Release
David SchweikertAZRXThe Arizona Republic
Austin ScottGARXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Robert C. ScottVADXPress Release
James J. SensenbrennerWIRXPress Release
Jose E. SerranoNYDXPress Release
Pete SessionsTXRXPress Release
Terri A. SewellALDXPress Release
Brad ShermanCADXBreitbart
John ShimkusILRXPress Release
Bull ShusterPARXPress Release
Mike SimpsonIDRXHouse Vote
Krysten SinemaAZDXPress Release
Albio SiresNJDXPress Release
Louise SlaughterNYDXUSA TODAY
Adam SmithWADXPress Release
Adrian SmithNERXFloor Speech
Chris SmithNJRXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Jason SmithMORXThe Rolla Daily News
Lamar SmithTXRXPress Release
Elise StefanikNYRXPress Release
Chris StewartUTRXSt. George News
Steve StiversOHRXHouse Vote
Marlin StutzmanINRXPress Release
Eric SwalwellCADXThe Hill
Mark TakaiHIDXPress Release
Mark TakanoCADXThe Hill
Bennie G. ThompsonMSDXHouse Vote
Glenn W. ThompsonPARXThe Constituent
Mike ThompsonCADXThe Hill
Mac ThornberryTXRXFacebook
Pat TiberiOHRXPress Release
Scott TiptonCORXPress Release
Dina TitusNVDXHouse Vote
Paul D. TonkoNYDXPress Release
Norma TorresCADXHouse Vote
Dave TrottMIRXStatement
Niki TsongasMADXThe Hill
Michael TurnerOHRXPress Release
Fred UptonMIRXHouse Vote
David ValadaoCARXH.Res.367 Cosponsor
Chris Van HollenMDDXThe Hill
Juan VargasCADXThe Hill
Marc VeaseyTXDXHouse Vote
Filemon VelaTXDXHouse Vote
Nydia M. VelazquezNYDXPress Release
Peter ViscloskyINDXPress Release
Ann WagnerMORXPress Release
Tim WalbergMIRXPress Release
Greg WaldenORRXPress Release
Mark WalkerNCRXPress Release
Jackie WalorskiINRXPress Release
Mimi WaltersCARXThe Wall Street Journal
Timothy J. WalzMNDXThe Hill
Debbi Wasserman SchultzFLDXPress Release
Maxine WatersCADXThe Hill
Bonnie Watson ColemanNJDXPress Release
Randy WeberTXRXPress Release
Peter WelchVTDXThe Hill
Brad WenstrupOHRXPress Release
Bruce WestermanARRXStatement
Lynn A. WestmorelandGARXPress Release
Ed WhitfieldKYRXHouse Vote
Roger WilliamsTXRXPress Release
Frederica WilsonFLDXMiami Herald
Joe WilsonSCRXPress Release
Robert J. WittmanVARXPress Release
Steve WomackARRXBlog Post
Robert WoodallGARXWN
John A. YarmuthKYDXThe Hill
Kevin YoderKSRXPress Release
Ted YohoFLRXPress Release
David YoungIARXPress Release
Don YoungAKRXPress Release
Todd YoungINRXPress Release
Lee ZeldinNYRXPress Release
Ryan ZinkeMTRXPress Release

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